Closing the book on subter

      subter started back as an idea in December 2004, and the final issue was produced in December 2007, which made what started as an experiment something closer to a three year adventure.

      During those three years I had the pleasure to work and write with some very talented people, to explore some concepts that were very important to me, and more importantly, to be exposed to stories and concepts that I otherwise wouldn’t have been. Merely reading subter was a large learning experience for me.

      Editing subter, however, was a wholly different animal, and has been one of the most painful and fulfilling experiences in my life. Over subter’s entire run, and despite changes in format, presentation, and staff, the original message remained one of writing about things that we, as staff, cared about. It was a labor of love, but it was also a labor.

      Through those three years, the scope of the internet changed, shifting towards an always on, round-the-clock new presentation, and subter was never going to be that kind of a product. Pretending otherwise had caused us trouble in the past.

      This was largely the reason that subter closed its doors with our December issue. As the Editor-in-Chief it was my decision, and I let the staff know this. It was an announcement of mixed emotion, a palpable sense of relief, of freedom from deadlines and searching for new stories, of reaching for things to say was paired with the sad knowledge that while these areas might have caused minor strive, the payoff was often a sense of greater self-understanding.

      Since subter is currently situation on a VPS which carries several other sites of mine, at this point I plan on keeping it online indefinitely. I am doing this because there are some very good stories contained within the fifteen issues that we currently have online, and as was always the case, all rights remain with the authors and artists associated with each article.

      It was a good run and now we’re all going our own separate ways. As for me, I’m going to be writing at